GPS Tracking is a must have for consumers who want to keep track of their powersports equipment. GPS Tracking comes with a small unit that is attached to the vehicle battery. The customer receives a unique code that allows him/her to log onto the Tracking Site and create a unique user name and password.

The Tracking Site can be set up to send alerts to a cell phone, a web address or both. Alerts can be modified to meet the owner’s individual preferences. Motion, low battery, speed violation, geo fence entrance and departure – are just a few of the alerts that one can receive to keep track of the vehicle’s use.

The Tracking Site also retains a history of the vehicle’s use. Remember that restaurant with the great apple pie? Where was that? With the GPS Tracking Device you can locate that special restaurant in moments! Reminisce about a previous trip or plan a new adventure with the help of the Tracking Site.

And if the vehicle is ever stolen, the owner could find it within a matter of minutes, contact the police and have it recovered before any damage is done. Some dealers offer our GPS Tracking Device for sale in conjunction with our Theft product. This combination adds the benefit of knowing that you will have some money to replace the vehicle, should your vehicle not be recovered by the police.

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GPS Tracking unit

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