If an Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement needs to be canceled please be sure to use the Aftercare Cancellation Request form. Please refer to your agreement for cancellation guidelines.

If a cancellation is due to a repossession or to the Vehicle being declared a total loss by an adjuster, please attach copies of the corresponding documentation.

If a cancellation is by customer’s request, please be sure to get the customer to sign the request and give his or her copy of the Agreement to Aftercare. The Customer Copy of the agreement must be submitted to Aftercare along with the request.

The proper address for cancellation requests is

126 E. Dyer Rd. Suite A
Santa Ana, CA 92707

The Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement can be flat-canceled within the first thirty days of the term of the agreement.

After the first thirty days the agreement will be canceled pro-rata.  There is a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee for cancellation of an Agreement.

Cancellations refunds will be processed through the Aftercare selling dealer.

Please refer to the STATE AMENDMENTS section of the Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement on page 3 of 4, for specific cancellation regulations in your state.

Click here to view the Cancellation Request Form.