The Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement can be transferred.

Dealer trade-ins are not eligible for transfer.

When transferring an Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement please be sure to do the following:

1. Completely fill out the Transfer Application. On the application, the “Vehicle Sale Date” refers to the date the vehicle was sold to the “New Owner”.

Make sure the both the new and previous owner have signed the transfer.

2. Complete and submit the Transfer Application within 15 days of the sale of the vehicle to the new owner.

3. From the original owner obtain all of the service records, which show that the vehicle has been maintained in accordance with the Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement maintenance requirements.  These records MUST be submitted to Aftercare with the Transfer Form and the transfer fee of $25.00.

Without proof of proper maintenance, signatures of both owners and submission of the transfer fee, Aftercare cannot transfer an agreement to a new owner.

Click here to view Transfer Application.