Things to Consider When Choosing a Service Contract:

1.  Who’s backing the contract?

It’s important to know what you are buying and who’s standing behind the promises made to you.  The best type of service contract to buy is an insured contract.  Insured programs are more likely to have the funds available to cover a loss should you have one because the insurance company is required to reserve funds for future claims.

Aftercare is a fully insured service contract.

2.  Where can you have your vehicle serviced or repaired?

Make sure the contract you buy will be honored wherever you’re likely to ride.  Some contracts are only good at the dealership where you purchased your vehicle.  If you plan to travel or move, it’s a good idea to buy a contract that can be used nationally.

Aftercare is a nationally recognized program and you can have work done at any franchisee of the product you ride.

3.  How much do you pay for a covered repair?

Not all contracts are alike.  Make sure you are aware of any deductibles before doing a price comparison. With a deductible, you’ll always have to pay something in the event of a breakdown.  Programs with no deductible are a better deal for the customer because for covered breakdowns, you pay nothing.

Aftercare has NO DEDUCTIBLE!

4.  How long has the company been in business?

Make sure the company marketing the service contract you buy is a solid company.  If you buy a two-year contract, you want to be sure they’ll be around for at least two years.  It’s wise to select a company that has been in business for at least two times the number of years of coverage you intend to purchase.

Aftercare has been providing service contract coverage to powersports customers for more than 18 years!

5.  Does the company understand powersports equipment and powersports customers?

In order to properly adjust claims and ensure customer satisfaction it’s important that the company providing the service contract understands the product.  Don’t settle for a company that specializes in the auto industry and has decided to cover powersports equipment on the side.

Aftercare and its parent company specialize in the powersports business and have done so for almost 40 years (back then it was called the motorcycle industry).

6.  Is the contract transferable?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you decide to sell your vehicle, that the remaining coverage could be transferred to the new owner? Make sure the contract you purchase is transferable.

Aftercare can be transferred.

7.  What kind of coverage does the service contract offer?

There are several types of contracts available.  The best type to purchase is the type that affords the most coverage to the customer.  In the powersports industry the most common type of contract is a named component contract.  With this type of contract, if it’s listed it’s covered if it isn’t it isn’t.  Sounds good unless the breakdown you have isn’t listed.

An exclusionary contract provides the most comprehensive coverage.  Although no contract covers everything, an exclusionary contract lists specific exclusions.  Other than the exclusions, normal wear items and maintenance, chances are if you have a breakdown, it’s covered.

Aftercare offers the most comprehensive coverage in the industry and the contract is exclusionary, not named component.

8.  Is the contract cancelable?

If you change your mind can you receive a full or partial refund? In many states this is required by law.  Make sure the contract you buy gives you the option to cancel.

Aftercare is cancelable.