GAP is a product designed for finance customers. GAP can only be purchased at the time of vehicle purchase and must coincide with the term of the loan.

Some states consider GAP to be an insurance product, while most states consider it to be a waiver product. We offer GAP in most waiver states and will be happy to suggest options to dealers selling in an insurance state. Many states regulate the retail cost of GAP and some restrict the amount of profit a dealer can generate on a GAP sale. Please make sure you understand your state’s guidelines before offering GAP at your dealership.

We have GAP products that provide a benefit of up to 125% or 150% of MSRP. The 125% benefit is less expensive and is usually sufficient to cover losses for most powersports products. If you are selling high end products you may want to consider the 150% option. We also offer the option of an accessories benefit for an additional charge.

Please contact us to discuss the GAP options available in your area.


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