In an effort to ensure that you and your customers receive the best service, we ask that you follow these steps should a failure occur:


1.  Make the customer aware that he/she must authorize the cost of tear down and diagnosis. (This protects your dealership and the customer from unexpected expenses should a covered failure not be identified.)

2.  Once the failure is diagnosed, call Aftercare at (800) 832-3237 to initiate a claim. At this time you will receive a claim reference number to be used should you need to contact us again regarding the claim. This reference number is NOT an approval. (Do not repair the vehicle until you receive an adjustment from Aftercare.)

3.  In order to give the claim proper consideration:

  • Our claims department may request service and maintenance records on the vehicle. (You may obtain these from the customer or if the service work was performed at your dealership, you may provide them.)
  • We may be required to send an independent inspector to look at the failed vehicle.

4.  Aftercare will adjust the claim according to the terms of the agreement/contract.

5.  Aftercare will contact your dealership with a claims adjustment. If the failure is covered, you will receive an approval code and a confirmed approved dollar amount. If the failure is not covered, you will receive an adjustment indicating that the failure is not covered.

6.  If the failure is covered and an approval code is given, please perform the repairs and have the customer sign the repair order.

7.  Once repairs are complete, please mail the signed repair order to Aftercare to initiate payment. Our address is 126 E. Dyer Rd. Suite A Santa Ana, CA 92707. We can not initiate payment from faxed repair orders.

Please note:
If a vehicle is fixed and/or released prior to authorization, the claim will not be covered.
If an independent inspector arrives at your dealership and the vehicle is not available for inspection or is not in the state of tear down described to Aftercare, then the cost of the inspection will be deducted from any approved repair payment.