Aftercare recommends that a Customer return to the selling Dealer for all repairs and service required during the Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement term.

If the Customer is unable to return to the selling Dealer, (s)he should call Aftercare at (800) 832-3237 for assistance.

The Covered unit must be serviced according to factory maintenance requirements as outlined in the unit’s owner’s manual.  Failure to follow the stated maintenance requirements MAY result in the denial of a Mechanical Breakdown claim.  A Mechanical Breakdown will not be covered if it is caused by maintenance of the Identified Vehicle that is not in accordance with the Manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement includes a Maintenance Log. Aftercare recommends that the Customer record all required maintenance performed during the term of the Agreement on this log. In addition to this log, Aftercare requires receipts for all service-related items purchased and/or receipts from all authorized service facilities responsible for performing maintenance on the Vehicle.